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Who We Are

Keystone Properties NW is a vibrant team of professionals working together to effectively manage investment properties in the Greater Seattle area. Our commitment is to our clients and residents in providing quality property management services and exceptional customer service. We work to build strong landlord-tenant relationships by striving to meet or exceed tenant needs. Our ultimate goal is to maximize every property owners’ return on their investment while providing a quality living experience for tenants.

A “keystone” is a central stone at the summit of an arch, locking the whole together; the central principle of a system on which all else depends.


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This captures the essence of our mission, which is to protect our clients’ investment by providing excellent service and ethical management of their properties. Keystone Properties NW started in a niche market managing new efficiency studio apartment buildings in Seattle. Our experience combined with the compassion we hold for our clients, allows us to manage each property as if it were our own and deliver the ultimate management experience.
Client relationship development in addition to resident relationships is a long-term process; one that is a strategic component of our business. Without good references from either, we would struggle to maintain our status in the market.
Keystone Properties NW maximizes employment efficiency and effectiveness, retains our staff and ensures that our employees are fully engaged on a daily basis. Agility and the ability to learn and adapt are two key behaviors we look for when hiring staff and we strive to be a company that employees trust and respect.
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1023 NE 43rd Street
Seattle, WA 98105

Phone: 206.525.5625